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One should always be happy. That's all that matters...But with what?  Wine? Poetry? Virtue, as you chose? But be happy.

Wine is an alcohol drink made from fermented grapes or different fruits. Due to the natural chemical balance of grapes, they ferment without the aid of sugars, acids, compounds, water, or different supplements. Yeast devours the sugars in the grapes and proselytes them into ethanol and carbon dioxide. Distinctive mixtures of grapes and strains of yeasts produce diverse styles of wine. The extraordinary varieties result from the exceptionally complex communications between the biochemical improvement of the natural product, responses included in aging, terroir and consequent moniker, alongside human intercession in the general procedure.

Wine has been the part of many great civilizations, and will always be a part of our modern life style. Be it a wedding or a birthday, or any other celebration, wine has made its place in our lives, and will always be a part of it.